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Having 15 Years Experience

That’s when the dream develops into reality. When dreams give birth to hope. In the sense of art I believe that dreams give birth to expectations. And hope is the result of great motivation and great effort. And the strong desire to acquire skills believes that dreams are the root of success, which seeks my creative inspiration as an integral part of vibrant development. Practical experience, materials and the right chemistry of method have inspired me to feel art. From my 15 years of successful experience in Singapore and Malaysia, to create a true masterpiece of luxury, I laid the foundations for the future of interior design @ carpentry and its composition in the handwriting of SAKIN INTERIOR DESIGN . From there SAKIN INTERIOR DESIGN Is planning to achieve higher goals. A touch of bright living image in the form of creativity, which at first sight creates an unprecedented combination of love, fascination, style, functionality and luxury – a strong commitment to do something with a mixture of vivid imagination and reality -SAKIN INTERIOR DESIGN…

Md. Shah Jahan Cochi – CEO & Founder


What We Offer

Construction personnel participate in ethics training as part of our best practices program, and each employee is provided with a skill set that helps them make the best decisions.

Clients Saying

  • The sakin interior design has done an exceptional job with the main overhaul of my resale home so I highly recommend Aartrend Design. Great design for color schemes, installations and furniture building. sakin interior design Due to the age-old waterproof membrane, we have made a last-minute decision to build a new kitchen and veranda floor, but we have done our best to follow up on the schedule, so we feel responsible.sakin interior design will work well within your budget, and even sakin interior design will advise you on the things you need to reform to help you save more! If I ever need to renovate my house, I will definitely look for sakin interior design again. Very well done. Many thanks to sakin interior design.

    • Asharful Zamil
    • Business, Italy
  • Working with sakin.I.D was easy and sakin.I.D really understood our need. During our discussions, we gave them pieces of ideas here and there and stated that we like elegant looks with brief details. I was amazed at how Sakin.ID was able to give us some time to remember all our thoughts.My wife and I were busy with work so we didn't have much time to observe the reform but Sakin.I.D created a group chat for us, where Sakin.I.D would contact us for every decision. Sakin.I.D was able to make quick decisions after knowing what we wanted so the journey of reform was smooth and efficient. In the end, we were very satisfied with the result and our friends who came were also impressed by the designs that Sakin.I.D did for us and the new office.

    • Soriful Islam Sumon
    • Senior Officer, Rahimafrooz

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It is our goal to have orders turned around in 10 days or less once design and payments are finalized. HOWEVER, some orders will take longer depending on the quantity of items ordered and number of colors in your design. Special order shirts will take two weeks and will be an additonal charge.  We ask that orders be emailed to ensure accuracy.  Contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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