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Sakin Interior Design: Able to provide you with our expertise to assist you in Carpentry and renovation work. We promise to provide you direct factory price, great carpentry work and installing with good craftsmanship, reliable service, honest price and respect for your needs.

We always want to help you save costs and work within your budget.We have about 15 years of experience in Singapore and Malaysia.Our Carpenters specialists in creating and producing a variety of woodwork, They offer a broad range of renovation services including innovative craftsmanship as well as interior and exterior installations.  Read More

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We believe our services are superior to others due to a range of reasons. Firstly, we work with only the highest skilled staff within the market. We work with only skilled professionals who understand the tasks at hand and can then deal with them in a range of solutions. By doing so, we can not only ensure absolute satisfaction, but also make sure that the task will not need to be repeated again. Additionally, we also complete all of our tasks in a safe environment.

  • Dedicated Team Member
  • Creative Carpent Design
  • Latest Wood Technology
  • Faster Product Delivery
  • Free Estimate & Cheap Rates
  • 24/7 Clients Support

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Peace of Mind in Knowing That Your Home Was Built Right, The First Time

  • The sakin interior design has done an exceptional job with the main overhaul of my resale home so I highly recommend Aartrend Design. Great design for color schemes, installations and furniture building. sakin interior design Due to the age-old waterproof membrane, we have made a last-minute decision to build a new kitchen and veranda floor, but we have done our best to follow up on the schedule, so we feel responsible.sakin interior design will work well within your budget, and even sakin interior design will advise you on the things you need to reform to help you save more! If I ever need to renovate my house, I will definitely look for sakin interior design again. Very well done. Many thanks to sakin interior design.

    Client Image
    • Asharful Zamil
    • Business, Italy
  • Working with sakin.I.D was easy and sakin.I.D really understood our need. During our discussions, we gave them pieces of ideas here and there and stated that we like elegant looks with brief details. I was amazed at how Sakin.ID was able to give us some time to remember all our thoughts.My wife and I were busy with work so we didn't have much time to observe the reform but Sakin.I.D created a group chat for us, where Sakin.I.D would contact us for every decision. Sakin.I.D was able to make quick decisions after knowing what we wanted so the journey of reform was smooth and efficient. In the end, we were very satisfied with the result and our friends who came were also impressed by the designs that Sakin.I.D did for us and the new office.

    Client Image
    • Soriful Islam Sumon
    • Senior Officer, Rahimafrooz
  • I was looking for an interior design contractor with whom I could make my home a beautiful and vibrant one, make my dream come true. I first saw sakin.I.D work at the house of one of my friends and was extremely overwhelmed. That's when I like sakin.I.D to do my home interior. Their choice of colors, textures and accessories was excellent.The project has been handled very professionally by sakin.I.D. Good craftsmanship, pleasurable experience without much stress. We love our house and I really appreciate the great work of sakin.I.D.

    Client Image
    • Sakil Ahamed
    • AGM Nandos, London, UK

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